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Cultivating & maintaining a regular self/home practice is a challenge & requires discipline (becoming a disciple to your Higher Self).
We help you along with steady structure, content & support!

  • The Short-n-Sweet

    You will receive - 59 progressive practices (& countless motivating messages) delivered to your virtual door over 900 days when you sign up.

  • Basics

    Begin with the 6 Levels of Basics over 6 months - 24 separate practices delivered weekly with 3 of every 4 at 20-30 minutes in length & the 4th culminating in a 60 minute practice.

  • Seasons

    Explore & awaken the 7 chakras as we roll through the 4 Seasons. You'll receive 28 separate practices delivered every 10-14 days. Now 3 of every 4 practices is 30-40 minutes in length, and the 4th culminates in an 80-90 minute practice.

  • Flows

    Finally, flow into a full year of growth with Flows. Having established foundational practices in Basics & extended endurance into complexity through the Seasons, now flow through seven 40-50 minute practices with motivational support to practice daily.

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  • Flexible Schedule

    MYOGA Freedom Online Yoga School is structured to support you in actually doing yoga regularly & confidently!

  • Member Benefits

    As a Member, Sounds, Restores & Mamas will be your FREE Bonus practices to supplement your regular self-practice! You will have access to our community forum and practice discussion.

  • Personal Development

    As you stay steady & learn to practice at least once per week, you build a foundation which will support you in developing a deeper practice & a greater sense of personal awareness.

  • Gentle Progression

    By evolving steadily over 900 days from 30 minute practices in Basics, to 40 minutes in Seasons, & then 50 minutes in Flows, we're experiencing what it means to "trust the longer journey". Our main aim is freedom to unfold through conscious, consistent & kind empowerment of Self.

"These practices have hugely impacted my being over the last seven months....from a stronger core, a greater sense of overall animation in my body, an appreciation of the beauty of our body's alignment, and a commitment to 'trusting the longer journey' as Melissa says. I am full of gratitude for these lessons."

Barbara Campbell Thomas

Trust The Longer Journey...

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