MYOGA Freedom

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Give someone you love the gift of MYOGA, whether that's your fine self or some other fine being...

Basics ($89)

Firm your foundations by developing a regular practice of flexibility & strength in your extremities, along your spine, in your core, & in the major mantles of hips & shoulders. You can choose to unlock these 24 separate practices at your own pace!

Seasons ($490)

This signature series integrates the 4 seasons with the 7 chakras for a full year of progressive practice. Plus, in this package deal, you’ll receive an additional 6 months of the foundational Basics as well as another 7 hours of the intensive Flows modules.

Restores ($39)

A range of slow and restorative yoga practices from 15 - 75 minutes in length, which can be done individually or in combinations. By accepting the supports around us, we focus on freeing joints, cultivating awareness, and developing spaciousness in body-mind-spirit.

Sounds ($29)

These 25 practices, ranging from 2-22 minutes in length, are accessible & available anytime you need them! Sounds are breathing (pranayam) & sounding (mantra) meditations that we use throughout MYOGA Freedom which operate as speedy tools within themselves to shift your vibration & reclaim your calm.

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