MYOGA Flows are (roughly) 45 minute vinyasa style sequences that are only available as Bonus tracks to the culmination of each MYOGA Season. These practices are fluid evolutions that build on all that came before, meaning that it is assumed you can see yourself safely & swiftly into the postures. We expand outwards from the undulation of the breath along the spine into wider & wider gestures that become Sun/Surya or Moon/Chandra Salutations/Namaskars. The “tricky” poses of the Seasons are then woven into the flow. Flows are a great way to get your breath, blood & energy flowing!

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Strengthening your stem to the core, polishing your gem even more with Manipura (44:55)

Blossoming open the heart with Anahata (36:56)

Balancing with shifting ground & sounding your truth in Vishuddha (48:54)

Letting go & flying in the dark with arm balance in Ajna (42:19)

Folding in with forward folds in Sahasrara (45:35)

Rootedness with feet first into unfolding from Muladhara (41:19)

Sowing seeds with hip opening in Svadisthana (42:08)

As Rumi writes:

A new moon teaches gradualness
And deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself
Patience with small details
Makes perfect a large work, like the universe.
What nine months of attention does for an embryo
Forty early mornings will do
For your gradually growing