supports you with a range of slow and restorative yoga practices from 15 - 75 minutes in length, which can be done individually or in combinations. By accepting the supports around us, we focus on freeing joints, cultivating awareness, and developing spaciousness in body-mind-spirit.

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With over 8,000 hours of teaching in 6 countries since 2001, Melissa Billington has guided hundreds of people in learning how to let-go and also to align within themselves with greater awareness and precision. Through her own stressful and financially-tight times, Melissa has used these practices to let go of what she couldn’t control and develop greater alignment and strength in what she could!

Melissa grew up in a world of yoga, meditation, mantra, health food and alternative medicine long before it was fashionable!

However her steady self-practice began in 1999 and was birthed out of the blessing of traveling to lands that didn’t have much yoga, and was sustained by the need to center and align with her own values and strengths wherever she was in the world. Beneath all of her professional experience is her reverence for her First Nation ancestry and a deep respect for nature’s rhythms.

MYOGA —freedom to unfold— was created in 2008 to systematize the wide range of tools and techniques that Melissa has found are most accessible and effective.

What the Restores Module gives you:

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The Restores module is unlockable at your own pace of play. You determine how quickly or slowly you want to learn and integrate.

Once unlocked these tools remain available to you to utilize for as long as you choose to engage.

These Restores practices are cumulative. The more often you practice them, the deeper and more profound the effects. One great way to maximize the benefits of these simple yet powerful breathing and mantra tools, is to dedicate 40 days in a row to one or two practices at a time.

With Restores you’ll:

In this short practice you'll limber your central nervous system by moving your spine forward & back, side to side, & in a conscious twist. You'll release neck & shoulders, open hips, & get an easy inversion to bring fresh blood to your brain! Perfect if you've been sitting too long. Also perfect if you struggle to sit on the ground.

Take a tiki-tour through all the major joints of your body! This practice looks very simple, yet that does not mean it's easy. It is, however, effective at bringing greater awareness, symmetry, & freedom of movement to your joints. With focus you'll also cultivate both muscle strength & length. Feel free to sit in a chair if need be.

This is a short, but strong, practice that brings heat into the calves & then stretches them with Wall Plank, Wall Dog & Wall Warrior poses, all done using the support of the wall to find greater precision & deeper stretches. We have a bit of fun flying in Warrior 3, pictured here, which is so much easier with support!

This is a good practice for strengthening & stretching the quadriceps which get so tight from all our modern-lifestyle sitting. It's also a good practice for balancing, which focuses & relaxes the mind, & requires a sense of humor! Additionally you'll open space into your side waists, neck, & shoulders.

In this short practice we focus entirely on the "tricky" Trikonasana or Triangle pose & also on 1/2 Moon Balance, using the wall to help find greater precision in these hip opening postures. Then the spine gets to release through Wall Doll & then coming to rest in a supported squat to open the leg joints & lengthen the low back.

Finding a right angle at the hips--like in Down Dog or sitting with legs out straight in front--is often challenging to tight hamstrings. Here we use a feedback loop to lengthen spine & legs. We'll also use the wall to bridge more easily from Bridge into 1/2 Shoulder Stand, getting some supported inversion action!

This 75 minute practices brings the 4 smaller segments together for an in-depth tour through strengthening & lengthening legs & then balancing on them, opening hips, side waists, neck & shoulders. Then finishing with inverted active & resting poses. Consider this a jumping off place to exploring how to play with the wall!

My students used to call this class "guided lying around"! Letting go is a skill worth cultivating. Here we use props (you can make-do!) to drape the body over & create more room along the spine, in the breathing muscles, & down into the sacrum. You'll also get a good long rest, an opportunity to drop the dross & emerge refreshed.

As a little girl I had a magic (meditation) carpet. This yogic sleep is the closest I've found to flying--you might experience a sense of formlessness & timelessness! It's super easy--just lie down comfortably & listen. Before you begin though, set your intention to plant the magic seed of what you want to grow in your life.

All of this material, as well as the systems of support and global community, are available to you for a lifetime!

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  • You won’t show up for yourSelf!
  • You do not have access to a personal electronic device and/or the internet.
  • You’re not willing or ready to claim the space you need in your home to practice.
  • You’re pregnant, in which case I invite and encourage you to take up the MAMAS module! However, the only practices in Restores that might be contraindicated during pregnancy (depending on your body) are those done lying on your back.

    "I really want to thank you for these videos. As someone who struggles with chronic neck and back pain, these guides have been so helpful. They are gentle and easy to use at home regardless of my busy work schedule. I am so so grateful. Wishing you all the best from the North"

    Marie Witt, Canada

    Another day walking the hills, so I wanted a yoga practice that got me off my feet. The Restores Full Body Tune Up Joint Freeing Series is becoming a favourite. It's a great work-out, but it's all done on the floor, so perfect for a day like today. The shoulder opening sequence in the beginning is amazing. And the Restores Chair Work module is easily as deep and rewarding as mat or standing practices. Delicious.

    Sue Kerr, Nova Scotia, Canada

    "I have started following the program after a long time of moving houses & generally being disorganized & find it easy to understand & encouraging--it's as though she knows just what I've been doing & where to bring my attention & breath. Easy to manage the website!"

    Lynn Carr, Ithaca, NY

    “With MYOGA Freedom I find a positively different sort of class. For instance, your focus on spinal flexibility talks to what people need rather than expect. I remember sitting down on my hotel carpet to do the 1st class. We started with feet articulations. Quite different from a class at even a good studio. I knew I'd made the right decision in 90 seconds. And each class feels like a one on one.”

    John Marsh, Wellington, New Zealand

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    The Value of your Investment

    In US dollars you're investing only $39, but how you value your investment truly depends on your perspective.

    For your money, you'll receive 9 videos totaling nearly 5 hours of practice. You can practice each of them as many times as you like for as long as you choose to engage with the practices.
    The value you get from your investment is directly related to the value you put into it.

    If you compare to current studio yoga prices, you'd easily be at double or triple the cost. Not to mention your travel time and expenses to get there!

    Here you can benefit from this wealth of material by practicing whenever you like, with whomever you like and wherever you like (as long as you have internet access). And because we’re developing comfort and confidence with letting go and going slowly, practicing at home means you can evolve through the practices without fear of judgment or pressure to “keep up”.

    Because we want you to be 100% happy with this Restores Module, we also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.