This signature series integrates the 4 seasons with the 7 chakras for a full year of progressive practice. Plus, in this package deal, you’ll receive an additional 6 months of the foundational Basics as well as another 7 hours of the intensive Flows modules.

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With over 8,000 hours of teaching in 5 countries since 2001, Melissa Billington has supported hundreds of people in re-connecting to their inherent powers through an exploration of the chakras and an alignment with the seasonal energies. She grew up in a world of yoga, meditation, mantra, health food and alternative medicine long before it was fashionable! Melissa’s steady self-practice began in 1999 and was birthed out of the blessing of traveling to lands that didn’t have much yoga, and was sustained by the need to center and align with her own values and strengths wherever she was in the world. Beneath all of her professional experience is her reverence for her First Nation ancestry and a deep respect for nature’s rhythms. MYOGA —freedom to unfold— was created in 2008 to systematize the wide range of tools and techniques that Melissa has found are most accessible and effective.

What this signature Seasons Package gives you:

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Wherever you begin the practice—whatever time of year and season you’re in as you step into MYOGA Seasons—is where you begin and the MYOGA Freedom system will align you with the hemisphere and the season you’re currently in. The bi-weekly practices will then be distributed to you over the coming year, giving you an experience of aligning with the seasons around you through your on-the-mat practice, as well as aligning with the energies within you, the chakras. So you’ll have plenty to explore, plenty to keep you going!

Each of the 4 seasons has two chakras—or energy centres—aligned with it, except for Autumn which only has 1, making 7 total MYOGA Seasons. Each MYOGA Season builds over the weeks, preparing the body for “tricky” poses that follow an asana theme—core strengthening, heart opening, neck-freeing in leg-balancing, flight-freeing in arm-balancing, forward-folding surrender, leg strengthening, and hip-opening.

First Summer

Fullest Summer


First Winter

Deepest Winter

First Spring

Brightest Spring

In addition, there are different mudras, mantras, core-strengthening exercises, pranayam practices, poetic themes, as well as means of developing a sense of humor for each of the 7 MYOGA Seasons. My experience has been that there is enough to really “dig your teeth into” yet you won’t spend so long in each season that you’ll get bored. However, by the time you spiral back around to that Season a year or 2 or 3 years later, you begin to see how each Season builds upon the last and prepares for the next and to also see your own progress over the years by revisiting that terrain.

Because I insist on the value of the Basics—and even if you’ve been practicing for decades you’ll know the value of Beginner’s Mind—I’ve included the MYOGA Basics module (US$179 value) so you can brush up on these foundational practices or simply augment the current seasonal focus with a refresher of essential skills like squatting and breathing. Plus, even if you’re a veteran squatter or breather!, you may not be familiar with how I teach, and the Basics will set that “languaging” groundwork for you. MYOGA Basics releases weekly over 6 months in its default mode, but you an also choose to unlock it at your own pace!

Additionally, as a bonus for accomplishing each Season’s 52 day run, you’ll receive the vinyasa—or Flows—version of that Season. Flows was intended to be a whole separate module (and another US$179) but I decided to include it into Seasons instead! I consider vinyasa flow yoga to be advanced, since it’s all too easy to rush through in an attempt to keep pace and to then deepen misalignments instead of correcting them. By putting in the slower and steadier work in MYOGA Seasons (and Basics), I trust you’ll feel ready and confident to then speed up the practice in Flows without sacrificing your precision or grace.

All of this material, as well as the systems of support and global community, are available to you for a lifetime!

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  • You are not ready to make a change in your life and won’t show up on the mat for yourSelf
  • You do not have access to a personal computer and/or the internet
  • You’re absolutely new to yoga, in which case I recommend starting with the Basics or Restores modules instead
  • You’re pregnant, in which case I invite and encourage you to take up the Mamas module instead

    "The MYOGA seasonal practices are truly transformational. It doesn’t happen fast, but if you stick with it, over the years you’ll see incredible change in yourself. The first year my body was transformed by the challenge of practicing consistently – this came as improved strength, better posture, alignment, body awareness. The second year my mind got more of a work out and transformation – improved concentration, focus, and a sense of control over myself and my choices. And then in the third year, I felt those benefits as a transformation of spirit – this expresses itself as happiness and contentment, no more low-level anxiety. I started these practices when I was 50, and I can honestly say at 54 I feel stronger, younger, and more vibrant and vital than I’ve felt in my life!"

    Sue Kerr, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

    "Melissa's MYOGA Freedom online classes are perfect for people with busy lives and tight schedules. They have allowed me to practice yoga in the comfort and convenience of my own home and most importantly, they allow me to go at my own pace. I particularly love how Melissa takes the time to ensure you have a solid foundation, building up slowly to more difficult postures. Another part of what makes this online yoga school so special is Melissa's ongoing support. She is easy to get in touch with and has always been very forthcoming with advice and tips for any questions or issues that I have had. I couldn't recommend MYOGA Freedom more!"

    Sarah Mahalli, Wellington, New Zealand

    "Love love love the Seasons practice. I love the way you present super familiar practices in a new (for me) way. And the utter professionalism of the videos and completeness of the offering you've created is staggering. There is nothing I've seen on the yoga market like it."

    Kelly Fisher, Raumati, New Zealand

    "These practices have hugely impacted my being over the last seven months....from a stronger core, a greater sense of overall animation in my body, an appreciation of the beauty of our body's alignment, and a commitment to 'trusting the longer journey' as Melissa says. I am full of gratitude for these lessons."

    Barbara Campbell Thomas, North Carolina, USA

    “Melissa guides you into postures with precision I've never experienced before. At no point are you left asking 'am I doing this right?' She is an expert at helping you understand how a posture should feel in your body. So many times Melissa's voice has guided me into a posture I thought I knew well and I've said to myself 'Ooh, this is new'. Once you're there, she has an uncanny ability to know exactly where you'll tense up, what compromises you'll make when you tire and gently asks you to 'take it out of the teeth' or your right knee is going to want to...' This to me is the mark of someone who has spent thousands of hours in practice consciously exploring the best way to teach.”

    Veronica Stevenson, Wellington, New Zealand

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    The Value of your Investment

    In US dollars you're investing US$249, but how you value your investment truly depends on your perspective.

    For your money, you'll receive 60 videos totaling about 40 hours of practice, couched in systems that enable you to build progressively over 2+years, as well as to mix-n-match. You can practice as many times as you like for as long as you choose to engage with the practices--the value you get from your investment is directly related to the value you put into it.

    If you compare to current studio yoga prices, you'd easily be at double or triple the cost. Not to mention your travel time & expenses to get there!

    Here you can benefit from this wealth of material by practicing whenever you like, with whomever you like & wherever you like (as long as you have internet access).

    To make it easier to invest in all this bounty, we have a payment plan you can choose at check-out that splits the cost over a couple months.

    Because we want you to be 100% happy with this Seasons Package, we also offer a 21-day money-back guarantee.

    Melissa's drawing from 2010 showing how the MYOGA Seasons unfold over the calendar year

    Step into the Strength of the Seasonal and Chakral Flows Here!

    First Summer

    Round 1 - commitment, setting your sightline

    Round 2 - nourishing, digesting, & strengthening

    Round 3 - tapas, the fire to stay in the fire & be purified by it

    Round 4/Wrap-Up - patience pays--consolidate, concentrate, be you!

    Fullest Summer

    Round 1 – lotus roots

    Round 2 – lotus golden temple

    Round 3 – lotus blossom

    Round 4/Wrap-Up – aligning with reality to open into love


    Round 1 – clearing the channels

    Round 2 – balancing with shifting ground

    Round 3 – space for sound

    Round 4/Wrap-Up – sounding your truth

    First Winter

    Round 1 – preparing the wings

    Round 2 – taking flight

    Round 3 – letting go

    Round 4/Wrap-Up – lightening by seeing into the dark

    Deepest Winter

    Round 1 – infinite beginnings

    Round 2 – existence emerges

    Round 3 – dropping down into death

    Round 4/Wrap-Up – rebirth, re-emergence

    First Spring

    Round 1 – plugging into root source

    Round 2 – truth of tribe

    Round 3 - feet on the ground

    Round 4/Wrap-Up – accepting one’s right to exist

    Brightest Spring

    Round 1 - planting seeds

    Round 2 - finding flow

    Round 3 – completion, coming home

    Round 4/Wrap-Up - one’s own sweetness