is a collection of breathing (pranayam) and sounding (mantra) meditations that we use throughout MYOGA Freedom, which operate as speedy tools within themselves to shift your vibration and reclaim your calm.

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With over 8,000 hours of teaching in 6 countries since 2001, Melissa Billington has guided hundreds of people to shift into good vibrations through breathing and mantra practices. Being partially deaf since age 4 has given her great appreciation for the courage it takes to let your voice be heard. Melissa grew up in a world of yoga, meditation, mantra, health food and alternative medicine long before it was fashionable!

Melissa’s steady self-practice began in 1999 and was birthed out of the blessing of traveling to lands that didn’t have much yoga, and was sustained by the need to center and align with her own values and strengths wherever she was in the world. Beneath all of her professional experience is her reverence for her First Nation ancestry and a deep respect for nature’s rhythms. MYOGA — freedom to unfold — was created in 2008 to systematize the wide range of tools and techniques that Melissa has found are most accessible and effective.

What the Sounds Module gives you:

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The Sounds module is unlockable at your own pace of play. You determine how quickly or slowly you want to learn and integrate.

Once unlocked these tools remain available to you to utilize for as long as you choose to engage.

These Sounds practices are cumulative. The more often you practice them, the deeper and more profound the effects. One great way to maximize the benefits of these simple yet powerful breathing and mantra tools, is to dedicate 40 days in a row to one or two practices at a time.

With Sounds you’ll:


Welcome to Sounds (1:31)

Pranayam Practices--How you breathe is how you live! (1:43)

Ocean-Sounding Breath for safety, centering & victory (Ujjayi Pranayam) (7:12)

Complete Breath for deep rest, calm & longevity (Dirgha Pranayam) (11:14)

Cooling Breath for detox-ing, easing nausea & quelling anger (Sitali Pranayam) (7:44)

Gentle Alternate Nostril Breath for balancing brain hemispheres & developing staying power (Nadi Shodhana with Kumbhaka) (9:27)

Digestion-stimulating practice with Kumbhaka (Agni Sara) (5:26)

Dynamic Skull-Shining Breaths for clarity of vision & sinuses (Khapalabhati & Alternate Nostril Khapalabhati) (8:35)

Eradicate your ego & fly like an eagle (Breath of Fire with active arms) (4:41)

Active Navel Breath for energy & stronger breathing muscles (Breath of Fire) (9:48)

Segmented & Sounding Breath with body movements, for lightness of being (Breath of Joy) (7:15)

Experiencing spaciousness and timelessness through Breath Suspension (Kumbhaka) (8:28)


Mantra Meditations-How you sound is your truth! (3:19)

Tuning-in to divinity within & without with the Adi Mantra (2:50)

Taking your wisdom-lantern with you as you tap into your roots with Third Eye & First Chakra seed mantras (6:26)

Brain-balancing by being a bell with Ongs (6:33)

Heart-strengthening through humming (8:16)

Aligning your heart, head & fortune with a short Prosperity Meditation (7:07)

May the world be established with a sense of well-being & happiness with Lokah Samastha Sukhinoo Bhavantu (6:12)

Naming your Truth while energizing your chakras with Sat Kriya (13:22)

Tuning into the alignment of energies within you with Long Sat Nams (6:31)

Trusting the longer journey with Kirtan Kriya (13:12)

Seed, Flow, Completion unto ecstatic wisdom beyond words with a longer Prosperity Meditation (10:01)

Hopi heart song with Shima (5:46)

Loud sound to create your Divine Shield for Protection & Positivity with Ma's (14:28)

Like the birds, sound the day into existence with the Morning Call (13:53)

Energizing & galvanizing mantra meditation with Laya Yoga Kriya (7:36)

Humming through the chakras for harmony & happiness (20:53)

Letting off steam & learning to laugh on command with Last Dance of the Dying Bug (5:53)

All of this material, as well as the systems of support and global community, are available to you for a lifetime!

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  • You are not ready to shift your vibrations and you won’t show up for yourSelf.
  • You do not have access to a personal electronic device and/or the internet.
  • You’re living in a place where you’re forbidden to make sounds!
  • You’re pregnant, in which case I invite and encourage you to take up the MAMAS module! However, the only practices in Sounds that would be contraindicated during pregnancy are the 3 fiery-belly breathing ones and lying on your back.

    "Melissa's MYOGA Freedom online classes are perfect for people with busy lives and tight schedules. They have allowed me to practice yoga in the comfort and convenience of my own home and most importantly, they allow me to go at my own pace. I particularly love how Melissa takes the time to ensure you have a solid foundation, building up slowly to more difficult postures. Another part of what makes this online yoga school so special is Melissa's ongoing support. She is easy to get in touch with and has always been very forthcoming with advice and tips for any questions or issues that I have had. I couldn't recommend MYOGA Freedom more!"

    Sarah Mahalli, Wellington, New Zealand

    "These practices have hugely impacted my being over the last seven months....from a stronger core, a greater sense of overall animation in my body, an appreciation of the beauty of our body's alignment, and a commitment to 'trusting the longer journey' as Melissa says. I am full of gratitude for these lessons."

    Barbara Campbell Thomas, >North Carolina, USA

    “The MYOGA Basics series is amazing, I absolutely loved it...I love that there is a real emphasis on opening the body...I felt moving through the weeks like a butterfly, or like an infant...Melissa has developed this sequence of practices that can help us do just that – unfold, from caterpillar to butterfly.”

    Jo Vernon, Hutt Yoga, New Zealand

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    The Value of your Investment

    In US dollars you're investing only US$29, but how you value your investment truly depends on your perspective.

    For your money, you'll receive 25 videos totaling about 3 hours of practice. You can practice each of them as many times as you like for as long as you choose to engage with the practices. The value you get from your investment is directly related to the value you put into it.

    If you compare to current studio yoga prices, you'd easily be at double or triple the cost. Not to mention your travel time and expenses to get there!

    Here you can benefit from this wealth of material by practicing whenever you like, with whomever you like and wherever you like (as long as you have internet access). And because we’re developing comfort and confidence with Sound, practicing at home means you can evolve through the practices without fear of judgment.

    Because we want you to be 100% happy with this Sounds Module, we also offer a 5-day money-back guarantee.