A simple 22 minute practice for harmony and happiness by releasing tension, centering your awareness and aligning your energies.

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  • Greater overall balance through grounding, releasing and centering.
  • Time to lie down and connect with yourSelf through this sonic bath of guided humming!
  • Awareness in, and balancing of, your chakras — your seven power points from crown to tailbone.
  • Direction and time for clearing tightness in your neck and shoulders.
  • More room to breathe in your life by strengthening and stretching your breathing muscles with sound.

This free practice is one of my favorites because it’s so accessible and also so incredibly effective. Sounds can be immensely powerful and here you’ll get a taste of that truth by experiencing it for yourself.

Keep in mind that this is only 1 of 25 practices in MYOGA Sounds, most of which are shorter in length.

Humming through the Chakras will not only give you the immediate gift of groundedness, it’ll also give you a strong sense of the depth and breadth of material available to you in the fuller Sounds module.

For everyone—absolutely no experience or skill necessary!

There is no way to do this wrong! I encourage you to play with your vocal pitches as you hum and to experience them in different areas of your body — so squeaks, croaks and frogs are all welcomed as part of the play! Plus you get to lie down and relax your body in this one, which can be a treat if you’ve been holding yourself up all day or you’re not yet used to sitting cross-legged for any length of time. At the end I’ll take you through some easy stretches to release tension in your neck, the channel for your sound that can get so clogged and tight.

Thank you for being part of MYOGA’s EarthWideTribe and I’m so honored to be part of this journey you’re on!

Be well and I look forward to meeting you on the mat soon,