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Cultivating & maintaining a regular self-practice is a challenge & requires discipline (become a disciple to your Higher Self). We help you along with steady structure, content & support!

  • The Short-N-Sweet

    You will receive - 59 progressive practices (& countless motivating messages) delivered to your virtual door over 2 years & 3 months when you become a Member.

  • Basics

    Begin with the 6 Levels of Basics over 6 months - 24 separate practices delivered weekly with 3 of every 4 at 20-30 minutes in length & the 4th culminating in a 60 minute practice.

  • Seasons

    Evolve through a full year of Seasons over 364 days - 28 separate practices delivered every 10-14 days. Now 3 of every 4 practices is 30-40 minutes in length, and the 4th culminates in a 90 minute practice.

  • Flows

    Finally, flow into 9 months of growth with Flows - 7 separate 40-50 minute practices with motivational support to now practice daily, 40 days running, for 9 months.

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  • Flexible Schedule

    MYOGA Freedom Online Yoga School is structured to support you in actually doing yoga regularly & confidently!

  • Member Benefits

    As a Member, Sounds, Restores & Mamas will be your FREE Bonus practices to supplement your regular self-practice!

  • Personal Development

    As you stay steady with it & learn to practice at least once per week, you build a foundation which will support you in developing a deeper practice & greater sense of personal awareness.

  • Gentle Progression

    From 30 minutes in Basics, to 40 minutes in Seasons, to 50 minutes in Flows. The main aim is freedom to unfold through conscious, consistent & kind empowerment & evolution of Self.

"Melissa has created a much-needed resource in the world of home yoga, giving beginning and experienced students alike a thorough and methodical system for developing a rich yoga practice. Informed by years of practical teaching experience and observation of the western body in action, Melissa's methods systematically address the tightnesses and weaknesses that need to be worked on before more advanced postures can be safely and mindfully approached."

Kara-Leah Grant, publisher of The Yoga Lunchbox and author of Forty Days of Yoga & The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga.

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